Mulch & Compost

HADDENS range of mulches supplies Melbourne landscapers and gardeners one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways of improving soil health and promoting plant growth.

Some of the amazing benefits of using mulch on your garden include:

  • Mulching reduces water evaporation by as much as 50% meaning you will need to use less water and water less frequently.
  • Mulch keeps soil temperatures more regulated, reducing fluctuation from weather extremes and enabling some plants that need cooler roots to thrive whilst still needing sunlight to flower.
  • Mulch attracts earthworms. This adds to the health of the soil through aeration and nutrients in the form of worm casts.
  • Mulching helps to maintain good soil structure by allowing plants to have maximum access to moisture and oxygen. It can also reduce soil erosion from wind and rain.
  • Mulching is an effective and environmentally friendly way of suppressing weeds without the use of harmful chemicals.
  • Mulch and wood chip make gardens look great, giving a consistent colouring and uniform coverage.

Generally, we recommend mulches or wood chips be applied up to a thickness of 50-75mm. Coarser material can be applied more thickly whilst the finer mulches should be applied more sparingly to a thickness of between 30-40mm as its coverage is denser, and can cause deoxygenation, depriving plants of the natural air they need to survive. Finer mulches have a tendency to breakdown into your soil faster than courser mulches and chip do and will require more regular top-up or replacement.

If you would like more information or a quote on our mulches pricing, please contact our friendly staff.