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HADDENS has a fine quality selection of landscaping soils, garden mixes, potting mixes, soil blends, fertilisers and compost favoured by many of Melbourne home gardeners, landscapers and builders. Plants and turf can have very different soil and nutrient requirements, making it imperative to choose a product that will provide the best results for strong, long-term healthy growth.

Plants, lawns and grasses can, and usually do, carry significant costs in the establishment and/or maintenance of a vibrant, healthy garden. To ensure this investment isn’t wasted through a loss or deterioration of plant life brought on by unsuitable growing environment factors such as a lack of composted organic matter, water starvation or nutrient deficiency, soil selection is critical.

Our friendly staff is available to help you choose the right soil for your project. 

We offer a range of delivery options and volume soil load sizes, delivered to you via crane trucks or tip trucks, in loose, bulka bag or individual retail bags

  • Lawn Mix is our premium soil blend for growing lawns. It is one of the most versatile soils on the market. We carefully craft our Lawn Mix from a blend of lawn sand and fertilisers. It also features added organic material to give your lawn and your plants the boost they need. Lawn Mix is the perfect to put under instant turf, or for any application where you need soil. It is also high in nitrogen and retains moisture, making it ideal for top dressing an existing lawn or planting lawns.
  • Native Soil Mix is a specialist soil blend designed for use with nutrient sensitive Australian Native plants.
  • Planter mix is a blend of washed sand, organic fines and relatively lightweight.Product Use:
    • Rooftop or parking structure containers and planters
    • Backfill when planting trees or shrubs (well draining)
    • Palms, citrus, succulents media
    • Topdressing
  • A mix of organic materials blended on site for a complete garden bed/veggie patch soil, or can be used to enrich poor existing soil.
  • Premium Potting Mix

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    Mix provides your plants with an ideal growing medium to develop strong healthy root growth. It contains sufficient nutrients for up to 9 months of plant growth.
  • Top Soil/Sandy Loam a blend of loam, sand and mill mud together, ideal for use in gardens and great for top dressing existing lawns.
  • Turf sand is used in the establishment of new lawns where damage is a factor. It is used mostly on football ovals eg: MCG, football ovals and golf courses. Contains free drainage properties combined with organic manners

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