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Mulch & Compost

HADDENS range of mulches supplies Melbourne landscapers and gardeners one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways of improving soil health and promoting plant growth.

Some of the amazing benefits of using mulch on your garden include:

  • Mulching reduces water evaporation by as much as 50% meaning you will need to use less water and water less frequently.
  • Mulch keeps soil temperatures more regulated, reducing fluctuation from weather extremes and enabling some plants that need cooler roots to thrive whilst still needing sunlight to flower.
  • Mulch attracts earthworms. This adds to the health of the soil through aeration and nutrients in the form of worm casts.
  • Mulching helps to maintain good soil structure by allowing plants to have maximum access to moisture and oxygen. It can also reduce soil erosion from wind and rain.
  • Mulching is an effective and environmentally friendly way of suppressing weeds without the use of harmful chemicals.
  • Mulch and wood chip make gardens look great, giving a consistent colouring and uniform coverage.

Generally, we recommend mulches or wood chips be applied up to a thickness of 50-75mm. Coarser material can be applied more thickly whilst the finer mulches should be applied more sparingly to a thickness of between 30-40mm as its coverage is denser, and can cause deoxygenation, depriving plants of the natural air they need to survive. Finer mulches have a tendency to breakdown into your soil faster than courser mulches and chip do and will require more regular top-up or replacement.

If you would like more information or a quote on our mulches pricing, please contact our friendly staff.

  • A budget mulch made up of chipped branches and leaves. Can vary in texture and colour.
  • A medium grade dyed black mulch (long life). Can be used for all mulching purposes, great as contrast to paving areas and looks good with striking feature plants such as flax, yucca and similar plants.
  • A dyed bright red medium size, pine wood chip mulch. The mulch will hold its bright colour for a long period.
  • Euci-Mulch

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    Euci-mulch is a fine golden mulch excellent in suppressing weeds and suitable for all gardens.
  • 100% Organic Compost contains plant matter that has been decomposed naturally. It is rich in nutrients and helps improve impoverished soils, as well as helping to retain moisture. Organic compost is suitable and safe for use with natives. Uses
    • Rose, vegetable and herb gardens;
    • Native gardens;
    • Aerated through the base of a new lawn before adding lawn mix.
  • Perfect for veggie patches, annual garden beds, general garden beds & fruit trees.Pea straw is a crop high in nitrogen grown mostly for animal feed. When used as mulch it breaks down within a year and improves soil structure and nutrient levels. The straw can contain pea seeds that are easily removed or dug over when they first shoot.Pea Straw should be spread to a minimum depth of 75mm and should be topped up every six months.
  • Pine bark based mulch, by-product of the timber industry. Large sized particles allow water to rapidly move through to soil surface taking advantage of any available water. Will take a long time to break down. Suitability general garden beds, large garden beds.
  • Pine bark is an attractive dark coloured mulch best applied approx. 50mm thick. This size is ideal for established plants. The medium size will last longer than the fine pine bark but is not too chunky.
  • Redgum chips can help add extra vibrancy and definition to your landscape.
  • Perfect for rose gardens, annual garden beds, general garden beds, slopes & native gardens.By-product of the sugar industry is transported from Northern Queensland. Clean straw-like mulch contains low levels of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium and Sulphur. If dries out can become hydrophobic and hamper water movement to the soil. Improves soil structure as it breaks down.Sugar Cane Mulch should be spread to a minimum depth of 75mm and should be topped up every six months.

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