Instant Lawn

HADDENS has a quality selection of the most popular Turfs for commercial and residential applications including for home and public lawns, fields, stadiums, parks and community green zones. These turfs are the most favoured by Melbourne home gardeners, landscapers and builders for their hardiness and suitability to the Australian climate.

Any lawn variety you choose for must be able to cope with dry, hot conditions in summer and wet, sometimes frosty low temperatures in winter. There isn’t one particular variety that is more suitable for Melbourne and its surrounding regions – each suburb has its own unique geographical characteristics that ultimately determine the most suitable turf for your home or project. For most locations within VIC, turf selection will be determined by the amount of direct sunlight or shade your area receives and whether you want a drought tolerant, a robust, a high traffic or a low maintenance option. In general however, the three most suitable grasses for Sydney are Buffalo, Couch and Kikuyu.

Santa Ana Couch – Santa Ana thrives in full sun and has the best drought tolerance of all our lawn varieties. It is well suited to Melbourne’s climate and is widely used in home lawns, commercial landscapes and golf courses. With its fine texture and lateral growth Santa Ana is best maintained at a low mowing height. The runners withstand repeated use and enable the lawn to repair itself from damage. Unlike other couches, Santa Ana will tolerate some shade and will retain some activity during the winter months. If ordering in winter please read the ‘Availability’ technical information.

Tall Fresco – Tall Fescue is a blend of two turf types. It is a hardy variety of turf with a deep root system and a broad leaf blade. It stays green all year round and is ideal for premium lawns. If you water your Tall Fescue during summer you will be rewarded with a beautiful, lush green lawn.

Kings Pride Soft Leaf Buffalo – Kings Pride is the difference between a good lawn and a truly great lawn. This new Australian soft-leaf buffalo grass stays greener for longer, is softer than ever, yet is extremely hard-wearing. A Kings Pride lawn will look better, perform better and give you more time to enjoy it. If ordering in winter please read the ‘Availability’ technical information.

Kikuyu – Kikuyu is a self-sufficient, drought-tolerant lawn that will thrive in a range of soil types. In summer months Kikuyu is known for its aggressive growth, covering quickly with runners. This aggressive growth enables Kikuyu to withstand repeated use and to repair itself from damage. It is commonly found in parks, schools and home lawns and is the ideal choice with dogs around. Kikuyu is a proven all-round performer in the Victorian market.


Garden Edging

Level up your landscaping game with modern garden edging products. Lawn edging gives your lawn a clean and manicured appearance and is aesthetically pleasing.

HADDENS have a vast array of products and solutions to choose from metal, timber, steel and plastic the possibilities truly are endless.