Haddens Garden & Building Supplies provides a fast delivery service direct to your home or job site. Our supply options include delivery in loose bulk, Bulka Bags, and bagged products (such as 20kg & 25 / 30 / 60litre bags).

All delivery options have restrictions and/or limitations which may alter our capacity to meet with customer requirements. Whilst every effort will be made to place the delivery in your desired location, the actual delivery drop will be at the sole discretion of our delivery driver. Please note: Multiple deliveries incur a delivery charge for each delivery.

The supplier’s responsibility for the delivery of material will cease at the kerbside of the job address stated. If it is necessary for a vehicle to cross the footpath or to enter upon private property in the course of effecting delivery, the purchaser will provide safe and adequate access and notwithstanding, will pay for any damage to public or private property or any injury which may result there from.

You must ensure that all information provided by you in relation to your order is accurate, complete and up to date. Risk of the goods passes to you upon delivery, and Haddens Garden & Building Supplies does not accept liability for any loss, theft or damage to the Goods after delivery. We will not be held liable if you have failed to follow communicated instructions, modified the goods in any way or used them for an unintended purpose.

Haddens Garden & BuildingSupplies warrants that the Goods or Services provided are fit for their usual purpose and are merchantable. All other warranties and representations, except those which are non-excludable by law, are excluded. If the Goods or Services are defective or do not meet these warranty statements, we will refund the payment or repair or replace the Goods or re-supply the Services in line with our Refund Policy. We exclude liability for indirect or consequential loss.

Deliveries from Haddens Garden & Building Supplies Supplies

When placing an order for delivery, there are some important factors to consider:

1. First, you will need to pay prior to delivery, which can be done over the phone with a credit card, or in person with payment given to one of our office staff.
2. Make sure that you provide our team with clear instructions on where exactly you would like the products dropped off and/or tipped (we recommend leaving a tarp down at the spot). Additionally, be sure to include your phone number so that we can contact you should any issues arise.
3. It’s important to note that there will be delivery fees applicable per load depending on your location/suburb – please ask our staff about these fees when placing your order.
4. Keep in mind that we cannot tip bulk loads or loose items under carports, trees, power lines or near water services due to safety concerns for both ourselves and our customers.
5. Our minimum order for delivery 1m3 so please check with staff if your materials fit this quantity.
6. If access to your delivery area is difficult, let us know ahead of time as multiple deliveries/charges may be applicable if our drivers are unable to get through gates or keypad access-only entrances.
7. Extra fees may also apply if they are unable to contact you when they arrive and have trouble getting onto the premises.
Small orders don’t always mean that our vehicles will be small too – so be sure to request a small truck size if access is limited on-site.
8. We might not always be able to place products exactly where you wish them due to overhead power lines, steep driveway accesses, narrow pathways, etc.
9. If a delivery has to be returned due to poor or unsafe access, there will be additional charges applied to the customer including restocking and return delivery fees.