Decorative Pebbles

HADDENS offer a comprehensive ranges of decorative pebbles, selected and admired by homeowners, gardeners, landscapers and builders alike. Our decorative pebbles can be used as a permanent cover finish for all garden types as they don’t break down like a mulch would, are useful for defending against unwanted weeds, help to reduce water evaporation and protect plant root systems.

Because of their natural weight, pebbles generally don’t get blown around by the wind like some other ground cover materials, making them ideal for use in exposed driveways and footpaths. As pebbles don’t need to be topped up like mulch, you can reduce overall garden expenses and maintenance costs over time.

Decorative pebbles are highly popular as they add character and appeal to a landscape or garden. They can be chosen to match a theme, bring colour and texture to compliment plants and garden features and add personality to a design. Our Exotic pebbles are often chosen for when a more luxurious, opulent finish is required. Our snow white and polished or matt black pebbles provide a high-quality finish to pots and planters, small garden areas or water features both indoors or outside.

If you would like more information or a quote on our decorative pebbles, please contact our helpful customer service team here. You can also visit our display showroom and pick-up yard at Thornbury or Whittlesea or we can deliver.