Decorative & Coloured Concrete Melbourne

We all know what concrete is; lasting, strong, easy to work but drab, grey, and rather boring in appearance right? Well, that used to be true, but not anymore with coloured and decorative concrete!

More and more Australians are realising the benefits of coloured concrete in creating decorative concrete designs. Our expert team at HADDENS Garden & Building Supplies specialise in decorative concrete finishes, and are experienced in delivering designer concrete projects across Melbourne, from coloured concrete driveways to other modern building projects.

Colouring Concrete

Using additives to enhance concrete is not a modern tradition. In fact, the Romans were adding things like: horse hair to reduce susceptibility to fracture; volcanic ash to make it lighter in weight; and even horse blood for frost-resistance. There is not a lot of evidence of using additives for decorative concrete purposes though. More modern concrete making practices and chemical technology allows for the use of a wide variety of pigments to create coloured concrete, delivering architects and designers an exciting new tool for decorative concrete concepts.

These pigments are created from blending iron oxides, which are added to the concrete mix during the batching process. The results are stunning, the traditional grey we associate with concrete is banished, and replaced by a rainbow palette now possible with coloured concrete, from muted earth tones to the more vibrant and scintillating.

At HADDENS Garden & Building Supplies our staff are specially trained in concrete colouring, and we offer Melbourne homeowners all the benefits of decorative concrete finishes. Together with all the other effects that are available in today’s concreting world, exposed aggregate and polished concrete finishes and with concrete’s traditional virtues, the possibilities of simple coloured concrete to more artistic decorative concrete for modern building design are now only limited by the imagination of the designers and architects who use it.

Bring your design ideas to us at our showroom. Our friendly sales staff will show you the samples of coloured concrete we have on display and discuss the designs you have in mind to work out a unique solution to bring your decorative concrete ideas to life.