Cement Products

HADDENS have a broad range of Bagged Cement and Bagged Concretes are used by many trades and by homeowners in DIY projects.

Our offering includes: Gibco, Oxide, General Builders Grey Cement, Builders Clay, Concrete Mix, Hydrated Lime, Low Heat Cement, Off White Cement, Rapid Set Concrete, Sand & Cement and General Purpose Cement

To help select which product is right for you, we have listed a few, please see a summary of usages below:

  • Eureka GP Cement Ideal for all kinds of building, construction & cementing project requirements such as fence post footings, re-pointing of brick work, paving, foundations, brick work mortar and the general repairing of concrete.
  • Builders Clay is a finely milled, air separated clay used as a plasticiser in mortar and render, mixes where sands are low in natural clay content.
  • Steel Pave Australian Builders Steel Pave is a premium grade high performance product. Ideal for all soil and road stabilisation.
  • Hydrated Lime is a controlled mixture of water and quicklime. It is added to sand and cement to increase workability and strengthen bonding for mortar and render.
  • Mortar Mix Ideal for building brick or cement block walls & barbecues. Rendering over brick, cement, concrete & masonry surfaces. Setting rock borders in flower beds.Bedding in of paving slabs & dry swept paving joint fill.
  • Off White Cement is generally selected when you want to achieve a lighter colour finish for your mortar or cement render. It can be used as is or even mixed with oxides to get a specific colour finish.
  • Rapid Set Concrete is an easy to use, blended product made from cement, sand, select additives and aggregate. It was created to harden rapidly and is highly suitable for non-load bearing pergola posts, freestanding clotheslines and other non-structural uses such as fencing.
  • Sand and Cement is a carefully proportioned premix of graded sand and cement, often chosen by landscapers, builders and plumbers as a general purpose mortar.
  • General Purpose Cement (GP Cement) is straight cement and is manufactured from Portland cement clinker, gypsum and limestone. Builder’s cement and general purpose cement have a wide range of applications for both structural and non-structural projects. They are used as an ingredient when mixing concrete, grout, mortar and render.

If you would like more information or a quote on our Bagged Cement & Concrete products, please contact our helpful customer service team. You can also visit our display showroom and pick-up yards at Thornbury or Whittlesea and purchase these products directly.