Aggregates & Gravel

HADDENS stock a large range of aggregates, gravels and crusher dust supplies are used extensively in building and landscape construction by Melbourne landscapers, builders, concreters, pavers and homeowners. Generally, aggregates can be categorised as either those with multiple particle sizes (with ‘fines’ or dust incorporated in the mix) or those with a single, standard particle size.

The most widely known and used aggregate with a generally uniform particle size is Screenings. Screening has many uses, the most common being when it is mixed with sand and cement to make concrete. The larger versions of this product (14mm and 20mm) are commonly used to cover Agline and provide drainage behind retaining walls or where water pooling may occur. Core Fill is a blend of blue metal and coarse sand created to fill retaining wall blocks when building structural block walls.

Aggregates with fines are most frequently used to form solid bases and as such are used for driveways, footpaths and general construction bases. This includes products such as crushed rock which has some flexibility for ground movement.

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